Alaskan Spot Prawns are wild-caught throughout Southeast Alaska, Prince William Sound and the Aleutians. These spot prawns are trapped with small pots instead of being caught in trawls making them one of the most ecologically friendly wild prawn fisheries in the world. Alaskan Spot Shrimp are super sweet and lend themselves to a variety of cooking methods.

With a delicate texture and excellent flavor Alaskan Spot Shrimp are widely regarded as the finest prawn available worldwide. Spot prawns are sold shell-on and head-off. These beautiful prawn tails are packaged in 1 kg boxes (with zip lock bag) or 500g vacuum packs to preserve their pristine flavor. Size averaging 60-80 prawns per kg.

Flavor & Texture
* Sweet & Flavorful
* Medium Texture

Ideal Cooking Methods
– Boil
– Fry
– Saute
– Steam