My Berries is your Australian frozen berry specialist.

Based in the fruit bowl of South-East Queensland, source the sweetest berries direct from the farm. Frozen berry range is completely
hand-produced. Each berry is carefully hand-picked, washed and frozen before being packaged into convenient zip-locked pouches.

Raspberries are sourced from growers in the Moreton Bay region. Raspberries that grow all year around are referred to as ‘primocanes’.

Each raspberry is carefully picked and packed by hand. They are the most delicate of all of our berries as they can easily crumble or break when being removed from their flower.

Extremely high in antioxidants, our raspberries provide you with a powerful start to your day. There are also perfect in smoothies, baking and for making preserves and sauces, ice cream and sorbets.

P.s. Little people love munching on frozen raspberries too!