Fish 4 Ever
High in Omega 3
Sustainably-fished Sardines i organic tomato sauce.
At Fish4Ever we believe in sustainability for land, sea and people. We only work with local boats. We campaign actively for sustainable seas, better management and against illegal fishing. We always promote and prefer small-scale local fishing because smaller boats deserve a fair share of the catch.
High in omega 3
Our careful catch and pack approach brings you these plump sardines caught by local small boats. We only use traditional artisan methods in our packing and only add ‘clean’ natural and organic ingredients.


Once opened, keep refrigerated, and consume within two days.

2 Servings

Sardines (Fish) (80%), Tomato (12%)*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Onion*, Garlic*, Sea Salt, * From Organic Agriculture, certified by CRAEGA ES-ECO-022-GA (total percentage of Organic ingredients 19%)

Dietary Information