Herbs and spices add a whole new dimension to cooking, but figuring out all the blends, combinations and specialities can be a long haul.

Take the schlep out of cooking with flavour, with the Rubs range from NoMU. A huge variety of spice and herb blends will come to the rescue of your cooking again and again. Loads of thought has gone into making these – they range from Cajun and Indian, to Poultry, Lamb and One-for-all and more in between.

To make the most of these blends, simply rub into meat, fish, veggies or poultry, and cook as usual, or simply add to food to add a burst of flavour.

  • Contain no MSG, additives, preservatives or artificial flavours.
  • All rubs are halaal and kosher (Parev) certified.
  • Only the roast rub and garam masala rub are completely sugar-free.