• Lamb Leg Bone-In Leg

    Free range, Grass fed Australian Dorper lamb. Perfect for any holiday celebration or special occasion. The bone adds both flavor and richness to the meat. Options 1.3-1.5kg and 2-2.3kg available.
  • Free range, Grass fed Australian lamb shoulder. Perfect for slow cooking. Options 1.5kg and 2.5kg available.
  • Lamb Rack Cap on French

    Free range, Grass fed Australian Dorper lamb Rack, trimmed and presented with perfection. Equally at home on the dinner table, at a formal dinner party or on the barbeque. Australia’s favourite! This cut has become highly desirable because of its great presentation, reliable consistency and ease of preparation. For the rack allow three bones per serve. Score the fat and apply the flavourings. This can be as simple as rosemary and garlic, be a Moroccan spice mixture or even a curry paste. They also make perfect party food as the long bone is a natural handle.
  • Free range, Grass fed Australian lamb foreshank, ideal for cooking in liquid or slow roasting. Once the lesser lights of gastronomy shanks now enjoy their own stardom. Braise them with the traditional tomato, herb and garlic mix and serve them with creamy mash and your favourite green. Alternatively prepare them as a glorious Moroccan tagine, redolent with a multitude of spices and heady with exotic aromas. Serve with couscous flavoured with dried fruit, pine nuts and herbs. Or luxuriate in the sheer comfort of a lamb shank soup, rich with barley and vegetables and finished with a final scatter of gremolata (garlic, lemon rind and parsley).
  • Free ranged, grass fed Australian Lamb kidney. Item is frozen.
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